Thousands of hours of creative work.
Hundreds of late nights.
Countless cups of tea and coffee.
Working on multiple projects.
Sometimes sacrificing family time.
… we have all been there in some form and shape.

And yet finding time to share our work with fellow designers. This is the true spirit of passionate creatives!

Our ever-growing community of creatives comes from around the world! And while some design while enjoying coffee in the comfort of their office, home or co-working space, or traveling the world, others design while powering their laptops on gas generators.

Let’s remember that we are all connected through a universal language -- Design.

Thank you to all designers who share their hard work for free with the design community. Thank you for being the creative force behind our work at Sketch App Sources and inspiring us every day!

We are grateful for your dedication to empower fellow creatives. We celebrate your work - over 1,400 resources shared!

  • iterate on designs
  • discuss with others
  • don’t be afraid to try a design
  • plan ahead before starting on a complex image

We hope you enjoyed learning about Smartly and the Pedago team. You can connect with them on Twitter and on their website.

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